Short Bio:

Born in 1965-Iran
Graduate of Iranian Society of Calligraphers 1986
Holder of first class honourary merit from the Council of Artists Assessment 2009.
Certificate of Lecturing from the Iranian Society of Calligraphers 2011
Lecturer at the University of Lavisan and Soureh.

Group exhibitions in Iran:

Golestan Palace, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sareban Gallery, Mojdeh Gallery, The house of Iran Art Centre, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Biannuall Gazvin, Middle East Gallery, Saba Cultural Centre, Niavaran Cultural House, Seihoon Gallery, Artists Centre.

Overseas Group Exhibitions :

2017 “With My Roots” by┬áCapital Art London , Asia House, London, UK

Nicolas Flamel France

National Museum of Rome

National Museum of Turkey


London(Peace Exhibition)





London , With My Roots 2017

Solo Exhibitions in Iran:
1991, 1993, 2007 Seihoon Gallery
2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 Valli Galery

2013 participate inTehran Auction, modern and contemporary art of Iran
2015 Behnam Dahashpoor Institute Gallery
2015 participate inTehran Auction, modern and contemporary art of Iran

Solo Exhibitions overseas:
Turky, Sudan, Dubai, Quatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kazakistan(in collaboration with the organization of Islamic Relations and UNESCO).