Mohammad Amin Poureskandarian

27 years old Iranian Artist, Photographer

Studied Fashion design in Tehran, Iran

Founder of Salam Project to increase awareness about HIV


On September 2015, He has founded Salam project in collaboration with Emitis Soltani in purpose of  educating  people about preventing HIV through fine art and other cultural events.

As part of his  project ,  50 people with different professions from different levels in the society are asked to be photographed for this project. There is a composition of two figures (one sitting and one standing next to each other) in all the photos. The sitting figure is showing respect to the other one by holding his hands which is how they used to show their respect and greeting in the Nasseredin shah Haramsara during the Qajar era and it considers as one of the first modelling positions for photography.

The standing figure’s face is duplicated on the sitting figure’s face, which examines self-respect in the society.

Their clothes which are stitched on the printed photos are representing  the transition of pain and sickness from inside to outside. Also the black frame on their outfits is a symbol of the existing limitation in the society. Each model was asked to express their opinion about HIV by answering the following question: “What would you want from the society if you had HIV”. Their answers are written on the pieces of fabrics, which is stitched on their photographs as their outfits.


April 2017  Photographs exhibition, Shirin Gallery , Tehran-Iran

July 2016  ‘ Child Labour Wish Market’  exhibition ,e1 Gallery , Tehran-Iran

 Interviews :

He had several interviews by national and international magazines such as Tehran Times, Wachaar, Isna, Irna and other local newspapers. On 2017 he was on the cover of Viva Magazine.