Abdol Hamid Pazooki

1354 School of Fine Arts – Tehran
Faculty of Decorative Arts 1362
graduate of the University Kvmplvtns•h hand prints – Madrid School of Fine Arts
MA in Painting from Kvmplv Tns•h University – Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid

1369 Scholarship landscape Kmplvtns•h University – Madrid
1370 First Prize of landscape Kmplvtns•h – Madrid works that are kept in different collections: the second edition of the Museum Tnryfh – Canary Islands Spanish first printing of the Miro Museum – Madrid / Spain 2 Color Effects Museum of Fine Arts in Oil City Eun – Spain 1 Effect of Oil Painting (Mrs. Geraldine Chaplin) – San Francisco 1 Acrylic Embassy of Spain – San Francisco, one of Acrylic (Mr. Philip Gonzales), former minister of Spain, one of the paintings (Rvln) – Madrid (Office Central) / Spain 40 publications (a bank. eBay. NPT. Banco) – Madrid / Spain co Hrssa Flvrnsya hotel deals – Italian teaching experience: 1364 University of the Arts – Isfahan University College 1370-1385 University Chapter, American universities and colleges