Ashkan Sharif

Ashkan Sharif is an Iranian artist specialized in painting and calligraphy based in Tehran, Iran. Sharif’s talent and practice started growing since childhood as a form of inspiration from his father Mehdi, who is also a former calligrapher.The mixture between calligraphy and painting is the main core of Sharif’s style though painting plays a bigger role in his works. He tends to use Iran’s traditional culture arts as a basic foundation behind his works, such as: the traditional uses of colour and light in art, traditional music and poetry, and spiritual practice and mysticism, each of which has a longstanding reputation. Sharif also mixes between tradition and modernity in his works, he breaks the traditional way of using the sizes or colours, arrangement of letters and the uses of materials, but he mends the basic and strong components of the shaping of the letters that it doesn’t lose its original form, therefore the feel of tradition is also alive in his work between his personal modern strokes. He uses his emotions and feelings and choice of poems as brush that is the starting point of his works depending on the life situations or surroundings, all these components are the reflection of the artist’s feelings on his works.