Aty Hadidi

I am an Iranian British artist and have lived in London for fifteen years. I graduated from University Of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Art. My focus was Graphic Design and worked as an art director for twenty one years. Graphic design has led me into understanding of colour and texture and also has empowered me in observing the world of Fine Arts. I have been doing painting, sculpture and photography for over ten years and in my artworks, I’m mostly inspired by the organic shapes and their dynamic energy in nature. I try to capture the special moments of joy, excitement, pain and sorrow. In my paintings I use Oil Paint as well as mixed media collage. Clay, stoneware and crank are the materials I use for sculptures and digital print for my photography.


2018 With My Roots by Capital Art, Asia House, London
2018 ‘Neuling’ , The Crypt Gallery, London
2018 Affordable Art Fair by ‘Capital Art London’, Battersea , London
2016 Royal Academy summer exhibition
2016 106 gallery group exhibition
2015 SOFAP group exhibition
2014 Wimbledon exhibiton
2013 SOFAP group exhibition
2010 PSAD group exhibition
2009 Southfield gallery group exhibition