Azim Berdi Gooki

Born in 1966 in  Turkmen minority of Gonbad-e Kavus, Iran

Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Tehran

Professor in the Iranian Calligraphers Association

The most prominent Calligraphy artists such as Keykhosro Khurush and Akbar Saatchi became his instructors. Apart from them, he was also a student of Mohammad Bagher Aqhamiri and Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani in Miniature Art. 


Selected Exhibition in Iran 

1986, Museum of Decorative Arts 

1986, Museum of Contemporary Art 

1996, Sodeyfi Gallery 

1998, Seyhun Gallery 

2001, Gallery of Calligraphy 


Selected Exhibition in Turkey 

2010, Serüven Exhibition 

2011, Sema-i Kalem Exhibition 

2011, Aşk içinde Meşk Exhibition 

2016, Selections from Hacı Bayram Veli 

2020, 15th International Traditional Artists Meeting 


Selected International Exhibition 

1998, Painters Association of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 

1998, World Calligraphy Exhibition Westerlo, Belgium 

1999, The Lenin State Library Moscow, Russia 

2001, The Genesis House in University City, MO, USA 

2003, University of Kandy, Sri Lanka