Mehdi Saeedi

Born: 1979, Tehran, Iran

Education: University of Cambridge


Mehdi Saeedi, is an internationally renowned artist and designer based in Philadelphia and he is a part-time faculty of graphic design at the Towson University in Maryland, United States.

The artistic vision of Saeedi is inspired by his focus and contemplation in the aesthetics of the East and its heritage and traditions. He is taking advantage of his experience in Persian calligraphy, the visual opportunities or views of the art of dance as well as the sensual nature of writing Farsi, to gain a particular conception of contemporary art, its basis is the movement, speed, space and color through different modes that resemble the visual trickery. His international fame through the aesthetics that confers on his designs are inspired by the Persian texts. Saeedi’s work has been exhibited in many major museums all over the world, but a large part of his production is collected by public and private groups. He participated in many exhibitions and international competitions. A member of several committees of international arbitration, he won numerous awards in art competitions in the international contemporary art and design.

Currently he is part-time faculty at Towson University in Maryland, USA.