Mehrak Davoudi

Short Bio:

The reflected and manipulated abstract object is that which operates in and beyond space, inwards and outwards, inducing vertigo, engagement and distortions of perspective. Here is a sense in which one can lose oneself. These visual principles rise and cross through different points, carrying mysterious moments of memory, experienced repeatedly. Each occurrence inspires something puzzling, performative, yet stoic; an object which presents views from disparate angles that engages and manipulates the same viewer but in different ways. This object can appear to carry a multiplicity of emotions and infer struggle. The materials find themselves in an on going battle; in same ways defeated, in others victorious, recalling the resonance of a particular condition. Presenting itself as a distorted reflection which morphs into a completely liquid form, or is camouflaged in its environment, what is left is emptiness with no solidity.


2007 Opening Exhibition:London Westminster Abby,fundraising for charity organization (London)

2011 Groupe exhibition, Southgate College: (London)

2012 Group exhibition,North London Art Trial,Southgate College: (London)

2013 Group exhibition, The House of Iranian Arts,: (London)

2013 Christie’s auction in art Monaco in benefit of Prince Alireza Pahlavi Foundation: (Monte-Carlo, Monaco )

2013 Southgate final show Exhibition; (London)

2013 Auction Room, Contemporary Art Auction ( Sotheby’s): (London)

2013 Gallery Nicolas Flamel ( Paris, France)

2016 Group Exhibition, Beaconsfield Gallery; (London)

2016 Group Exhibition, The Old Truman Brewery; (London)

2016 Gallery Nicolas Flamel ( Paris, France)

2017 Capital Art London, With My Roots, Asia House – London , UK