Mohammaz Reza Zabihi_elah_Zadeh

Born in Iran

Bachelor Of Sculpture | University of Tehran
Master of Arts Research | Tarbiat Modares University | 2004
Certificate of first degree in art (equivalent to a doctorate) in sculpture | 2015

Exhibitions and Activities

Organizing more than 20 group exhibitions and 6 solo exhibitions in Iran and abroad
APEC International Summit Exhibition in Venezuela, Caracas | 2008

Group exhibition of the Iranian Sculptors Association in Mexico | 2005

Sculpture Expo | 2006 | 2011
Expo works of three generations of visual artists – Mazandaran, Babol

The first international sculpture symposium in Tehran
Second Tehran Sculpture Symposium (Workshop)

Third Tehran Stone Sculpture Symposium
The first sculpture symposium of Isfahan
The first sculpture symposium of Qeshm
The first sculpture symposium of Kish The first sculpture symposium of Abadan
The first symposium of iron and emotion sculpture in Tehran – wood, art and nature, stone
The first Shiraz International Symposium | 2019
The second sculpture and nature event of Kish Island | 2020
Participated in 5 exhibitions of small sculptures of the Iranian Sculptors Association

Judging several international exhibitions
Judging of the first, third and fifth Mazandaran Sand Sculpture Festival
Member of the Policy Council and the Board of Selection of Works and Final Judgment
Judging of the 5th Tehran Sculpture Symposium (Persian Gulf) Wood Sculpture Judging of the 6th Tehran Sculpture Symposium (stone sculpture)
Judging the two periods of the Salt Sculptures Festival in Nehbandan Gypsum Lagoon Judging of the first sculpture symposium of Kish
Judging of the second stone sculpture symposium of Tabriz Beautification Organization Judging of the second national festival of sundials, Barg Gallery, Tehran
Judging of the first salt sculpture festival in the country, South Khorasan, Birjand

Holds several commendation plaques and honorary diplomas in the field of visual arts