Zahra Ghyasi

Zahra Ghyasi born in 1981 in Iran.

-BA computer engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology,

-Master degree in executive management, Iran University of Science and Technology.

– Painting course, Mehr Academy, 1996-2006

– Contemporary art courses, Mahemehr institute, 2014- 2015

– Idea and concept in contemporary art, Mahemehr institute, 2014

– 21st century art history courses, Arya institute, 2016

– 20th century art history courses (Mr. Severi), Arya institute, 2016

– Contemporary art criticism (Mr. Severi), Arya institute, 2016

– Iranian Aesthetics, Mahemehr Institute, 2017

Her work is mainly about violence. What she intends to do is to investigate the very phenomenon of violence. Regarding culture, history, architecture and even relationships, She tries to have a neutral view about violence, neither glorify it or condemn it. She believe what she is inclined most is finding a way to understand the concept of Evil which she believe is omnipresent and is usually ignored in our culture.

Solo exhibitions:

2018: Solo exhibition, Apoptosis, Sales Gallery , Tehran Iran

2016- Solo exhibition , Shokouh art gallery,Tehran Iran


Group Exhibitions:

2018 : With My Roots by Capital Art London, Asia House , London UK

2018 : Infertility , A Gallery , Tehran Iran

2018 : Group exhibition, Munich ,Germany

2017- Jazr, Silk Road art gallery

2017- White, Jaleh Gallery

2017- Ghabale, Rooberoo mansion

2017- Where were that world, Sohrab Gallery

2017- Red, Negar Gallery

2017- Clarity, Aaran gallery

2017- New approaches and trends in Iran contemporary art, Mellat Pardis

2017- Tasty art, Rooberoo mansion

2017- Haft negah, Niavaran Cultural Center

2017- Art Mart, Sohrab Gallery

2017- one million- Saless Gallery

2017- About – Rooberoo mansion

2017- An Island of imagination – Mika Gallery

2017- Pigeon Breath- 7th annual exhibition of contemporary art Persbook- Isfahan

2017- 7.3 Richter- Whiteline Gallery

2017- The hidden face of being- Bayan Gallery

2017- Fajr Festival, Saba cultural center

2016- 94- Shokouh art gallery

2016- Collecting Tehran- Platform28 gallery

2016- Qabale, Apadana Gallery

2016- naghshe mehr, artcenter gallery

2015- Emrooz Aval- Panjareh Gallery

2015- Small paintings- Arya gallery

2015- Cutting edge painters, Pardis Mellat Gallery

2015- Arya gallery

2015- Haft negah- Farhangsaraye niavaran

2015 -Iran Art Collect, Qasr garden museum

2014, – Matrix group exhibition, Mahemehr Gallery

2014 – Scarlet group exhibition, Apadana Gallery

2014- Scarlet group exhibition, Apadana Gallery