With My Roots 2020 | Online Exhibition

4 thoughts on “With My Roots 2020 | Online Exhibition

  1. ممنون آیت جان ، لذت بردم ، ایکاش در کار خودت میتونستیم بیشتر از این هنرها بهره ببریم ، در هر صورت بابت دعوتت ممنونم و امیدوارم که نمایشگاه بعدی به صورت مجازی نباشه و امکان دیدن آثار به صورت حضوری وجود داشته باشه.
    سپاس از لطفت

  2. Thank you very much for sharing these with me. I very much liked watching them. Some of them are very interesting and beautiful in their own right.
    Hope it would be possible to see them from close in an exhibition or gallery.
    Would be nice to see the name of the artist next to each painting or photograph.
    All the best

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